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College Uniform

College Uniform is compulsory for all students. Students not in proper uniform will not be allowed entry to the college. The uniform will be as follows-
For Boys : Black pant and sky blue shirt.
For Girls: Spun Muga mekhela, off white chadar with pink border and pink blouse off white saree with pink border and pink blouse/ off white salwar, pink kameez and off white dupatta pink dakhna with white farsa and pink blouse.

Identity Card
Every bonafide student will be issued college identity card at the time of admission which must be renewed in the begining of every ascademic session. Entry to the college will not be allowed without I Card.
General Rules
Students admitted to the college must follow the rules and regulations of the college strictly. Irregular attendance, violation of rules, misconduct in any form, adopting unfairmeans at the examination, smoking and consuming liquor and drugs will be treated as serious offences leading to suspension or even expulsion from the college.
Ragging is strictly prohibited
Students found indulging Ragging in any form will be expelled from the college.
Organizations, societies etc
Organizations, societies etc of the students of Rangapara College, will function only under the guidance of the college authority. Only the organisations societies recognized by the college authority will be permitted to use the facilities of the college premises. All the notices desired to be pasted or circulated must be countersigned by the Principal.
Students failing to attend classes for 15 (fifteen) days at a stretch in the first month of commencement of classes shall forfeit their seats.
Students who fail to attend their classes for a certain period of time at a STRETCH on genuine, resonable and acceptable grounds such as serious diseases or accides and related treatment involving themselves and members of the family, death of near and dear ones, academic sports/ cultural activities approved by the college etc. must apply in writing to the head of the institution for consideration of exemption of the absence for the period immediately after such absence. Application must be supported with testimonials / documents wherever necessary. Even for such cases the actual attendance must not short of 50%.
Attendance Rules
Students who do not attend at least 75% of the classes will not be allowed to appear in any examinations conducted by concern authorities.
Students who fails to attend their classes for a certain period at a stretch on genuine and acceptable grounds such as serious diseases or accidents and related treatment involving the students themselves and the members of the family, death of near and dear ones, academic / sports / cultural activities approved by the college, and affected by natural calamities must apply to the HOD concerned for consideration of leave of absence for the period immediately after such absence. Application must be supported with testimonials / documents and should be countersigned by Guardian/ Parents.
Boys’ & Girl's Hostel (Fees Rules)

The College will provide hostel sits to a limited number of students. Allocation of hostel seats will be made strictly on merit basis. In exceptional cases the distance of the residence of the student to college may be considered.

The fee structure for hostel admission will be -

Security Money - Rs. 1500/- - (to be refundable after Completion of the course)
Admission Fee   - Rs. 500/- (to be paid at the time of hoste! admission)-.
Monthly Fees    - Rs. 200/- (Seat Rent)
Electricity        -  Rs. 80/-
Misc.               - Rs. 20/-
Total               - Rs.300/- (to be paid monthly)

The admitted students are to report to the superintendent before boarding of the first time.
The boarders must maintain a decent, dignified and disciplined hostel life style inside and outside the hostel.
They must abide by the rules and regulations of the hostel as may be prescribed to them by the college authority, violation of which will invite strict disciplinary action amounting to expulsion from the college.
Boarders must enter into the hostel within the time fixed by the superintendent/ warden and must be present at their respective seats at the time of evening prayer and roll call.
Visitors other than legal/ local guardians are not allowed to meet the inmates of the hostel without the permission of the principal./ Superintendent
Boarders must have to pay their mess-dues as may be fixed from month to month by the mess-committee within the 10th day of every month.
Ill-treatment to co-boarders, cooks and other employees of the hostel will be considered as an offence,
The use of electrical equipments such as iron, heater etc. is not permitted
The boarders must attend their classes regularly and must appear in all internal examination and other academic activities of the departments of the college.
Disturbance of any kind during study hours is treated as serious offence.
All boarders must abide by the hostel /mess rules prescribed by the College authority and mess-comittee respectively
Ragging in any form is punishable.
The boarders are to report the superintendent in writing fo his permission while leaving the hostel.
Boarders are allowed to leave the hostel for various purposes only for a day in the week fixed by the superintendent.
The students leaving for private tution/coaching classes are to maintain a register showing the signature of their respective tutor/teacher.
Visiting hours - Summer - 3.00 p.m. - 5.00 p.m.
                     Winter - 2.30 p.m. - 4.00 p.m.
Boarders are not allowed to keep mobile phone.
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