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College Library

The College has a spacious library comprising an area of 2500 sq feet with a sitting capacity of 40 readers. The library has a good collection of 18,579 text, reference and other books with 17 no of journals and magazine, 10 news papers in English, Assamese, Hindi, Bengali and in Bodo. The Library remains open from 9-30 a.m to 4 p.m in all working days except on Saturdays. On Saturday it remains open from 9-30 a.m to 2 p.m.
Number of Library Cards issued to the students are as below -

Higher Secondary Classes- 2
Degree (General) Classes- 2
Degree (Major) Classes - 4 (Certificate from HOD is required)

A student is not allowed to keep books for more than 15 days from the date of issue. In case a student fails to return the books within the stipulated period, he/she will be penalized. Books lost, defaced or mutilated in any way shall have to be replaced by the concerned borrower.
The library is being modernised and the process of library automation is almost completed. The library also provides Xerox facilities and book-bank facilities. As part of upgradation, digital infrastructure is going to be set up with the financial help of the state Government.

The College will provide hostel sits to a limited number of students. Allocation of hostel seats will be made strictly on merit basis. In exceptional cases the distance of the residence of the student to college may be considered.
Canteen Facilities
The college has a canteen within the campus for refreshment of the students and teachers. The canteen usually function from 10 a.m. to 4p.m.
Common Rooms
The college has provided spacious seperate common room facilities for both boys and girl students.
Drinking Water Facilities
Adequate number of water cooler are provided in the college campus for cool and pure drinking water.
Academic Session
The Academic session starts on 1st June and ends on 31st May every year.
Student’s class attendance
A student shall have to attend 75% of class in each subject held during the session Otherwise he / she will not be allowed to appear in the test and final Examinations. Attendance is strictly taken into account for the purpose of promotion, academic awards and scholarship.
College Examination
Terminal, Internal Assessment and Unit Test are compulsory to all students which will be held regularly on time..
Games and Sports
The college has limited facilities in outdoor and indoor games. Regular practice and coach­ing in Football/Volleyball/Athietics/Cricket is provided at the time of College Annual Competition. College football, Volley-ball and Cricket teams join inter college tournaments organised by G.U.S.B.
Cultural Activities
College organises Cultural competition among the students. The successful students are awarded prizes at annual college week prize distribution ceremony. Moreover the college has been participating in Youth Festival organised by GU.
College Magazine
A magazine is published by the college every year where students and teachers get opportu­nity to show their skill in creative writing.
All students may come forward for the membership of health centre and take part in all activities, programs like blood donation, Health checkup etc. organised by the centre.
Extension services
A student of any course admitted into this college may take part in extension services organised by the college.
Nature Club
The college has organised a nature club for academic and sociocultural activities in which the students from each class can take part. This Club will organise, educational tour and programme, awareness programme against Killing of wild life, Deforestation and environmental issue.
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